The team at Untethered Therapy is happy to offer a wide-range of group therapy options.  We encourage you to explore the list of current groups being offered.  Each group may have its own unique requirements and registration process.  If you have any questions about registering for a group, please contact

If you have a recommendation for a group that you do not see listed, please contact us!

Workshop Series for Couples

The best way to tell your partner you love them is to consistently work towards strengthening your relationship together. One way to do so is to educate yourself, self-reflect, and learn important relationship skills. Consider attending one, two, or all three workshops in Untethered Therapy’s upcoming Couples Workshop Series to take your relationship to the next level.

02/11: Being Intentional and Present in Your Relationship
03/18: Reigniting Lost Desire
04/22: Effective Communication and Conflict Management

When: Saturdays (2/11, 3/18, and 4/22 at 12 – 2 PM ET)
Where: Online
Cost: Free

Click here to register for one or all three of these workshops.

Smart Brain / Wise Heart: Online Group for Neurodiverse Teens

This is an educational program designed to teach resilience-building and self-regulation skills that will empower you to gain greater self-control and navigate the academic and social dimensions of life with greater ease.  Using science, art, music, and cooperative grouping, we will befriend our body’s instincts to self-regulate and get better social connection.  Facilitated by Courtney Frist.

When: Saturday at 2 PM – Beginning Spring 2023
Cost: $20 / session

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Fostering Resiliency After Infidelity and Betrayal Trauma

12-Week Online Group for women who are seeking support, strategies for increasing their resilience, and to learn to trust their own instincts again. Facilitated by Amanda Chamberlain.

When: Tuesdays at 6 PM ET, March 14th – May 30rd, 2023
Cost: $50 / session (Contact for payment options and information on discounts for upfront payment)

Click here to request more information on screening and registration.

Imperfect Realities of Perfectionism

This 5-week free online ACT-informed psychoeducational group will address the challenging reality of living with perfectionism.  Each week, we will focus on a main behavior pattern of perfectionism and educate on coping mechanisms, with mindfulness interventions.  Facilitated by Elizabeth Sabatino.

When: Wednesdays at 6 PM ET, February 22nd – March 22nd, 2023.
Cost: FREE

Click here for more information or to register for the group.

Eating Your Pain

This weekly drop-in group uses strengths from Internal Family Systems (IFS) and 12 Step philosophies to work towards healing the pain leading to and caused by compulsive overeating. By connecting with others who share the same struggle, we can also share hope. Facilitated by Naomi Tucker.

When: Wednesdays at Noon ET (Weekly)
Cost: FREE

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Path to Betrayal Trauma Recovery –  Drop In Group

This women-only Internal Family Systems (IFS) focused group encourages betrayed partners to relate to and interact with one another toward building healing-focused friendships.  Hosted by Dr. Heather Putney.

When: Mondays from 11AM (EST) (weekly)
Cost: FREE

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