Untethered Therapy is taking the following precautions to protect our patients and help slow the spread of the coronavirus: 

Untethered Therapy’s Safety Precautions:

  • Masks- Fully vaccinated staff may choose to wear a mask or not wear a mask depending on recommendations by the CDC, personal preference, or upon request by the client. All non-vaccinated staff or clients must wear a mask at all times while in the office.
  •  Physical contact is not permitted. 
  • My staff maintains safe distancing.
  • Office seating in the waiting room and in therapy rooms have been arranged for appropriate physical distancing.
  •  Additional masks are provided in the lobby for anyone who needs a mask.
  • Restroom soap dispensers are maintained and everyone is encouraged to wash their hands.
  • Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is available in the therapy/testing rooms, the waiting room and at the reception counter.
  • We ask all patients to wait in their cars or outside until no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment times.
  • Credit card pads, pens and other areas that are commonly touched are thoroughly sanitized after each use.
  • Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed. Trash is disposed of on a frequent basis.
  •  Common areas are thoroughly disinfected at the end of each day.


Client responsibilities to receive in-person services: 

  • You will only keep your in-person appointment if you are symptom free. If you have other symptoms of the coronavirus, you agree to cancel the appointment or proceed using telehealth.  If you wish to cancel for this reason, I won’t charge you our normal cancellation fee.
  • You will only keep your in-person appointment if you have been fever free for a minimum of 7 days prior to our appointment.
  • You will notify us if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid within the last 14 days. If a resident of your home tests positive for the infection, you will immediately let us know and we will then [begin] resume treatment via telehealth until deemed safe to return to in-person services. 
  • You will wait in your car or outside until no earlier than 5 minutes before our appointment time.
  • You will wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you enter the building.
  • You will adhere to the safe distancing precautions we have set up in the waiting room and therapy room. For example, you won’t move chairs or sit where we have signs asking you not to sit.
  • If determined that we will meet face to face, unvaccinated clients will wear a mask in all areas of the office.
  • You will keep a distance of 6 feet and there will be no physical contact (e.g. no shaking hands) with me [or staff].
  • If you are bringing your child, you will make sure that your child follows all of these sanitation and distancing protocols.

I may change the above precautions if additional local, state or federal orders or guidelines are published. If that happens, we will talk about any necessary changes.

If You or I Are Sick

You understand that I am committed to keeping you, me, [my staff] and all of our families safe from the spread of this virus. If you show up for an appointment and I [or my office staff] believe that you have a fever or other symptoms, or believe you have been exposed, I will have to require you to leave the office immediately. We can follow up with services by telehealth as appropriate.

If I [or my staff] test positive for the coronavirus, I will notify you so that you can take appropriate precautions.