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Untethered Online offers a variety of services ranging from individual and group psychotherapy, Psychoeducation groups, webinars and workshops as well as free Drop-In Groups.

Types of Online Services


Individual Therapy- In order to increase access to services as well as ensure physical safety, Untethered will continue to offer telehealth services. We have had several inquiries to meet with clients from other states online. However, we are not able to offer telehealth services across state lines due to license restrictions. Clients residing within Pennsylvania are welcome to reach out to one of our talented clinicians to inquire about telehealth availability.

Group Therapy- We also offer closed, online and in-person specialized therapeutic groups for those living in Pennsylvania. 

Psychoeducation Groups- On occasion we will offer closed, psychoeducational groups with a focus of improving knowledge and skills in a particular area. These groups are coaching and skill-based groups and are not considered therapy, which is more likely to focus on past issues compared to the acquisition of new skills. Therefore, psychoeducation groups are open to anyone interested in participating and are not limited by state of residence. 

Workshops-  Workshops are typically short term, intensive groups ranging from several hours to multiple days. They are designed to expedite learning and skill growth in a focused area. Workshops may be psychoeducation or therapeutic in nature and will be advertised accordingly.




As part of our mission, Untethered Therapy occasionally offers free webinars and Drop In Groups to the online community. These groups are psychoeducation in nature therefore they are open to anyone who wishes to attend. 

Untethered Therapy hosts two types of free online options: webinars and drop-in groups.

Webinars: Your image will not appear on-screen. To ask questions, we suggest you use the Q&A feature at the bottom of your video screen. The Q&A feature lets you ask questions anonymously. You can also use the chat feature, but please understand that the chat feature is not anonymous. Webinar sessions are recorded and posted so those who missed a particular session can watch it later.

Drop-In Discussion Groups: In these sessions, your image and username will be visible to the moderator and other participants. This is because we want you to interact with one another and build supportive, recovery-focused relationships. Drop-In Discussion Groups are not recorded.

All sessions are moderated, meaning a representative of Untethered Therapy is in charge of the session. Depending on the session, moderators may present information, answer questions, or simply facilitate an open-ended discussion among the session’s participants.




Untethered Therapy’s webinars or Drop in Groups are not therapy or coaching. They are informational presentations with an interactive Q&A element. These Webinars and Drop In Groups do not qualify as therapy from either a legal or clinical standpoint.


Untethered Therapy is excited to announce that are partnering with Seeking Integrity and PATHS (Path to Addiction and Trauma Healing) to offer a FREE a Drop-In group for Addicts healing from Sexual Addiction and Partners Healing from Betrayal Trauma from an Internal Family Systems perspective (IFS).


Path to Sexual Integrity

Tuesdays at 1PM EST

Host-  Joseph Saavedra–  Seeking Integrity


Path to Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Mondays at 11 AM EST

Host- Dr. Heather Putney – Untethered Therapy