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Create a Wholehearted Holiday!

With the Holiday season around the corner, we at Untethered Therapy felt inspired to kick off the season by giving the gift of mental health with our free ”Wholehearted Holiday” series.
We have seen (and experienced) the collective strain, grief, loss, isolation, and insecurity the Covid-19 pandemic has created. We also realize that the challenges of living in this high-pressure, fast-paced world, combined with the typical difficulties of managing the work/life balance, physical, relational and mental health can feel overwhelming.

Therefore, starting in November through the end of December, we will be releasing a weekly blog, video, or webinar with various tips and supports to help manage the stress, triggers, or challenges in life and hopefully help you find more peace, love, joy and connection during this Holiday Season! 

We’ll be presenting topics such as…

…and much more!

Holiday dinner table
Young woman in the snow
Young woman in the snow