By Meredith Maloney, Masters Level Counseling Intern
Pictured above in one of her favorite places – outside hiking with her dog, Beast.

Hello! I am excited to be a part of the Untethered Therapy Group during this point of my journey as I transition from graduate studies to professional counseling. I started with Untethered in January and am already learning so much. 

Being able to talk about issues and make sense of things out loud in the presence of someone who is non-judgmental and supportive can be beneficial and therapeutic. We are all equipped with the ability to grow, heal and improve and this can be helped along through the counseling process. Let me help you foster this ability.


I have an interest in the mind-body connection and the way that strengthening this connection can help with improving mental health. I am currently seeking specialization in applying this concept to counseling. Becoming comfortable with difficult emotions and the ways they show up in the body can help us work toward creating more choices for ourselves, including alternatives to addictive behaviors. Another use for working with mind-body connection is helping with trauma. Trauma has been found to exist in the body’s “memory” and learning from our body’s wisdom can help to loosen the grip of trauma in our everyday lives. 

I have experience working with adults 18 and older, exploring their identities, navigating depression and anxiety, and those searching for connection and meaning. I am poly, kink and LGBTQIA+ affirming, and trauma-informed. As part of my training at Untethered Therapy, I look forward to working with couples to help them improve their relationships and strengthen the special bonds that already exist between them. 

Current Projects

At Untethered Therapy, I am co-facilitating an educational group on self-care with my colleague Chris Burd. This is a drop-in group happening every Tuesday from 1-2 pm through March 29th. All are welcome to join at any time – and you can register here! 

Another group I will be leading is going to start soon (to be announced!). This will be a Mind-Body Awareness Group, using mindfulness techniques as well as looking at how these practices can improve mental health wellness. To get on the waiting list for this group, please email me at

Check out my recent blog post on the Untethered blog! In it, I provide some research-based benefits to behaviors that promote feel-good chemicals in our bodies.


I am currently a Master’s student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s (IUP), Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, anticipated August 2022 graduation. In addition to my graduate program, I am enrolled in a certification program for mind-body therapy and will continue to look for opportunities to learn in this area. 


I am accepting new clients and have immediate availability. You can book a free consultation with me today!