Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a non-invasive, holistic approach to emotional healing that can help individuals improve their overall quality of life.  

Untethered Therapy’s Melissa Babich is a Registered Nurse and a trained Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner offering alternative therapy options to provide clients with treatment or enhance the overall effectiveness of other treatments used to release trauma, negative thought patterns, stress, physical ailments, and anxiety.

NET aims to identify and release emotional blocks within the body through a combination of muscle testing and meridian pathways, discharging unresolved trauma and stress.  As a research-based alternative therapy, NET has been proven to reduce triggers experienced through trauma and remove trauma from critical areas of the brain.

What does NET look like in practice?

In a typical NET session, the therapist will begin by asking you questions about your physical and emotional symptoms, as well as any recent life events or stressors. They will then work with you to create a statement to be tested.  For example, if a client has been having increased anxiety around a work project recently, the statement may sound like “ I am ok with my current project at work”.

The practitioner will then test this statement with you to determine the emotion, source, and original event causing the current anxiety associated with your project. They can determine this using muscle testing (a technique used to evaluate muscle strength and tension) to identify areas of your body that may be holding unresolved emotional stress. The practitioner will also use several meridian points on the underside of the wrist and hand.  These points associate with emotions as well as organs of the body.

From there the practitioner will help you to work through and release the stagnant emotion, trauma, or event that is the source of the anxiety.  And lastly, she will retest the original statement to make sure that there is no further testing required and that the anxiety trigger has been resolved.

For a peek into what an NET therapy session might look like, a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) highlighted the technique to process trauma on Dr. Owen Hunt.

NET’s benefits include

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • More efficient trauma recovery
  • Improved overall physical health, including a reduction in headaches, fatigue, and chronic pain
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • More emotional connection in relationships

$120 per 60-minute session

(Contact us for financial assistance / sliding scale options.)

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